Published on The Globe and Mail on July 30, 2015, by Fashion Editor Odessa Paloma Parker

Catherine Baba is as well-known for her preferred mode of transport as she is for her eclectic outfits. The Paris-based stylist travels à bicyclette to runway shows, most notably while wearing vertiginous heels. Baba’s bike style may be aspirational to some, but for those who want to make it from point A to point B without too many bells and whistles, a selection of fun, functional cycling accoutrements are available. Calgary-based designer Lara Presber has created a limited-edition watercolour print for her clever cycling skirt design that will look très chic on a set of wheels; ditto for Guild Eyewear’s outsized tortoise-shell sunnies. For a trip that takes you into twilight hours, Bench’s backpack has a reflective panel to boost your visibility on the road. And you can ensure a refreshed arrival at your destination thanks to Consonant Skincare’s new dealkalizing deodorant, which is aluminium-free, for no-sweat cruising in style.